Forthcoming selection on myriad themes n emotions

Now that the Corporate life musings’ series is more or less done, except maybe a few lines I’ve recently thought of, which I’d be probably posting shortly; I’ve thought of publishing various lines encompassing a particular theme (say on love/loneliness/social issues/dedicated to certain special people who came in my life at some stage et al) brimming with emotions of melancholy/angst/ecstasy/compassion/reflection/introspection/elation/patriotism et al; in the next few days.. And many of them would be in Hindi as well (written on my ipad via various Hindi writing/editor apps)..


So until later then..

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Corporate life musings-3

Written on 6th Oct’10:

By not giving one’s boss the pleasure of seeing you lying prostate,

In corporate life, you definitely end up sealed your fate.

Despite slogging out one’s guts,

One still gets mere peanuts.

Don’t worry, if you are in your boss’s good books

You’ll progress even if you’re a leader of a pack of idiots/crooks

You dare not question your boss’s sense of judgment.

Or else, you’d be hung at the altar of ‘Compensation fitment’.

There’s no space for anything like ‘Constructive feedback’

In return, you’d have to face a helluva lot flak / you’d get a whip crack.

You can’t afford to be morally upright & upfront,

Else, you’d be a hapless victim of a witch-hunt.

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Corporate life musings-2

Written on 22nd Aug’10:

Though on most days, one feels that the boring/stressful/meaningless day job truly sucks,

But whether to chuck it all & pursue one’s passion only, one’s always in a state of flux.

Just because one can’t be his/her boss’s endearing poodle/pet,

Is why duly deserved Promotions & Pay Raises (s)he doesn’t get.

In most work spaces’ environs, you can’t call a spade a spade,

You’d get an astronomical career growth, if you’re ready to get laid.

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Corporate life musings-1

In light of the recent May Day/Labor Day, which just went less than a week ago; I’d like to post a few lines for the next couple of days, some of which i’d written sometime back while a few more recently. These lines encapsulate the trials & tribulations of a typical routine day job in the corporate world which either I’ve experienced personally or seen others benefit/bear the brunt from/of, as the case may be.

I. Written on 14th Aug’10:

Some 2 words’ Bumper sticker slogans relating to a typical day job:

a) Sycophancy Succeeds!!!

b) Plain-speak (makes you) pay!!!

(PS: To be continued..)

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Back with a bang!!

After a hiatus of more than a couple of years, and procrastinating publishing posts due to sheer lethargy/getting engrossed with helluva lots of things sometimes on the personal-professional front/whatever; am back at last!! Starting tomorrow (or rather, technically, today since its way past midnight now) i.e. 5.5.13; would be posting a few lines of poetry, on a daily basis, penned down aeons ago/to be borne out of my heart in the future as & when that happens..

Though earlier, I’d thought of these lines as highly personal; I’ve decided to bring them out of the confines of the pages of my notebook/scraps of paper out in the digital world. Maybe some years down the line, my poetry would find its rightful place for mass readership in a hard-bound book format – inshallah, amen! But since one’s life can be snuffed out in an instant (met a virtually incurable cancer survivor recently, my pseudo alter ego/idol Jim Morrison along with other geniuses like Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix; left us all prematurely at the age of 27 & am also incidentally 27+ now; though am neither a professional musician nor into drugs, but still I’d like to think of myself at least a creative person like them & a true fanboy of Jim’s persona & poetry), it’s paramount to live life to the fullest and do what one is passionate about NOW (which in my case, is writing poetry/blogging/completing my unfinished book/acting/singing/social work/giving self help talks/travelling & exploring various cultures & meeting all kinda people et al.

So, until later tomorrow.. Adios!!

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Earthquake + Evil Eye (3 Es)

On the 19th January’11, I was about to crash for the night, when I’d stayed up till after hours, to see India was on the verge of victory in a nail biting ODI Cricket match against South Africa..But after a few moments of resting my head on the pillow, suddenly my bed started shaking!  Real frightening stuff! :(…  For the initial few seconds, I was almost numb – not quite sure if it was a earthquake for real, or was I just hallucinating due to sleep deprivation… But once the tremors continued for more than just a few seconds, the reality of its occurrence hit me!  But I wasn’t quite panic-stricken enough to wake my parents & sister up sleeping in the other flat just across from my room, or to rush out of my bed towards the balcony or outside the house…I just rose up & sat up on my bed, once the tremors ceased & there weren’t any aftershocks; opened up my office laptop & signed into my Twitter account, to get real time tweets’ updates from fellow tweeple from India or elsewhere, to get a sense of what has really transpired (including things like the Richter scale intensity & the epicenter of the quake) & the subsequent repercussions (any damage to life or property).  I found out that it wasn’t a mild one – a nasty one measuring around 7.1 or so (just to put it in perspective, the  quake which had ravaged Haiti, with hundreds of thousands of deaths, a few months ago, was of a lesser intensity at 6.7), whose epicenter laid near Baluchistan in Pakistan.  Thankfully, it hadn’t caused much carnage; though people everywhere from Pakistan to India (across the National capital Region NCR to Rajasthan & elsewhere) were shaken & woken up from their stupor (except those like me who’d stayed up late anyway to watch the cricket encounter).  On the MS Communicator (the office IM client), I found a few office colleagues online, who stay in the NCR satellite towns of Gurgaon & Noida, to ask them if they also felt the tremors & they vouched for the same.

Now, for a freakish coincidence: A few hours ago, while waiting along with 2 other colleagues for the Delhi Metro elevator to cross over to the other side of the road, from the office towards a bar – to have drinks with our Boss, one of my colleagues, without any context said, that Delhi doesn’t get earthquakes, despite being in a highly sensitive zone; and that he used to wish for one at the time of examinations (I must confess that I dreamt quite a no. of times that I’d turn into a hero, upon rescuing fellow officemates / neighbors, from the debris of a deadly earthquake)…Lagta hain use nalaayak kee nazar lag gayee (think it was that idiot casting his evil eye)… 😦

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A Girlfriend – Nah, No (Thank You), Not (Really)!!!

On the 16th January’11, I was just thinking: I don’t think I’d get myself a girlfriend & get into a serious relationship due to:

My Ego – I can’t stoop down from my high horse, and bear a tantrum throwin’ chic, or run after a gal like a poodle, or offer profuse apologies even when you know that you are not at all at fault.

Lack of Attachment with people: I’m somewhat detached from any sort of relationships – probably a distorted version of what the Bhagavad-Gita prescribes in the form of ‘Detached Attachment’, wherein Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that we’re just an immortal soul/aatma trapped in a human body in this life, and just as we wear new clothes & shed old ones, the aatma liberates itself from a body trap in one life/janam, and assumes a new one in the next life; thereby debunking the entire concept of having an enduring attachment with ‘relatives / loved ones’

Stubbornness: I can’t change myself for anyone/anything…Take me as I am, or leave it!

Time to be given: I somehow can’t fathom how people can squander away hours & hours calling/chatting with each other, having mindless banter, on a daily basis; putting everything else on the backburner.

Cost incurred: By virtue of coming from a lower middle class family orthodox family, which has just about enough to make ends meet, can’t probably afford to have a luxury of a girlfriend, going on dates, and splurging her with lavish gifts.

If I can be a bit cheeky, I’m a person with a bit of a Glad Eye, and one who likes different aspects of the personalities / bodies of different people of the better sex; so I ain’t quite sure if I’d be able to stay happy with that one person, forever…

Moreover, I just don’t subscribe to the herd mentality rationale for going into a relationship: Having a ‘Trophy’ girlfriend/wife to show off to friends & complete strangers, and budging to the peer pressure; or just to kill loneliness – I’m quite self-obsessed & really enjoy my own company!


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