FINALLY!!! Yayyy….AT LAST!!!

This is how I’d try to describe in words, the surge of emotions I’m experiencing, while starting to pen down my first blog post.  I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for a long while now.  But due to my sheer lethargy, time mismanagement, logistical issues, this blog hasn’t seen the light of the day, yet.

Now, I’d try to elucidate some of the reasons which prompted me to finally take the plunge & bite the bullet, so to speak:

1)      Date: Today marks the beginning of a new decade, besides a new year too.  The date 1.1.11 is significant too, for it marks a rare once-in-a-century phenomenon, with a consecutive series of numbers.  Astrologically speaking too, I’m a person ruled by No. 1 (born on the 10th), so this year ’11 and 1.1.11 should be an auspicious beginning, hopefully.

2)      Logistical: I’ve recently got (from my office) an Internet data card (with great download limit), along with a concurrent replacement of my old good-for-nothing laptop with a new swanky one.  Subsequently, I can now pen down stray lines of my feelings in real-time on my lappie, and edit/compile the same at a convenient time, and instantly upload the same on a blog, over the cyberspace.

3)      Prodder(s): I guess I got the ultimate prodding upon watching 2 movies, coincidentally recently lent by an office colleague, shared over this lappie only – ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘Fight Club’.  Although these 2 flicks are poles apart in terms of the concept & the plot treatment, but a central underlying theme common to both is, that they talk about chasing your dream(s), listening to your inner call/voice, letting go of the comfortable cushy cocooned (3Cs’) lives & committing acts which challenge you to the core/hilt & perceived as risqué.  So, I’d try not to be indolent (like my current profile photo of the iconic character of Garfield cat on various social networking sites) & not be apprehensive of the response(s) my writing(s) may elicit – I’d follow & honor my passion of writing and hone my skills by prolifically penning down stuff, come what may!

As far as the weird, peculiar name of this blog is concerned, let me explain it each word / character wise:

i)                    Da: ‘Da’ is the decimated derivation of the word ‘The’.  I’ve used it to achieve multiple ends: Firstly, to achieve alliteration in the name of the blog, with the other initials of the blog name words being ‘D’ too (If one notices, I’ve also used, unintentionally though, the words ‘Decimated Derivation’ – a couple of other Ds to describe ‘Da’ :))…Secondly, to denote the Text / Instant Messages’ lingo – the core demographic of the blog readership community being the Y gen…

ii)                   Daily: The word ‘daily’ herein denotes the form/mode of writing (rather than the frequency of writing); i.e. like a newspaper daily, my blog would encapsulate a plethora of things like reportage on the events in a day, reviews of works of art (Books, Movies, Music, TV), opinion on contentious burning topics of our times, travelogue, famous quotes, etc.

iii)                 Drudgery: ‘Drudgery’ denotes 2 kinds of labor – Firstly, my seemingly boring, uninteresting life just drudges along, but it’s a daily grind encompassing long hours of slogging @ the office/during commute/at home…Secondly, I think of writing as my ‘labor of love’, where I continuously dwell & mull over what/how to convey and striving to make my writing output quality better.

iv)                 Day: The word ‘Day’ here conveys the frequency of composing the blog posts – I’d try & post stuff on a daily basis; but if I’d sit down on the weekend(s), I’d still try to rewind the week gone by, day by day, to maintain a daily journal form.

v)                  zzz… These series of Zs & dots accompanying them denote my natural instinct to keep on droning, rather than keeping it short, simple & succinct.  I’ve been afflicted with this syndrome, ever since I can remember – I used to write pages & paragraphs in my examination papers in my school/college days and interminably long e-mails @ my work life.

Now, if I may paraphrase, and put my own spin on what is quoted otherwise: I officially declare this blog open…And Let The Games (read adventures) Begin!!! 🙂


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