School/College’s gone – really?

Yesterday, I was supposed to go out for getting a long-overdue haircut done & a long impending shopping expedition, with one of my BBs (Best Buds); but I had to back out at the eleventh hour, due to certain family problem(s).  While I was in a state of slight stupor, I was dreaming that if I didn’t venture out this weekend & postpone it till the next weekend, what if I couldn’t make it even then too, in case I got some sorta homework/class assignment-tests etc.  But when I awoke, I realized that to my delight, there was no school/college to contend with any longer! 🙂  Though I must hasten to add, that the current equivalent of the same is still present in the form of Excel sheets to work on / Powerpoint presentations to make etc – the difference is that the school/college structure has been replaced by the office/workplace, the notebook substituted by a laptop/computer system, and the authoritative figure of a teacher has been taken up by one’s Reporting manager / Boss!


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