Office Random Musings

We’d been preparing for quite sometime for the Annual HR Review of the HR Head with the CEO of the Co. I work for.  And Friday the 7th Jan, marked the culmination of all the efforts put in.  I’d been called in early before the office hours at 8 am, to cater to some eleventh-hour data cuts asked for, etc. – just in case!  After I’d completed such last-minute tasks, I had to take the various printouts of the different sections of the PPT being presented, to be handed over to me Boss.  But I must say, it was really daunting walking into the EBR (Executive Meeting Room), with all the stares of the big hotshot participants in the meeting following me, as I was pacing up & down the corridor, waiting for my Boss to step out from the meeting, to collect the  relevant printouts & an USB Pen drive, from me.  The CEO presiding over the meeting has such a powerful dominating persona that despite having his back to many second-rung leadership participants, they were all listening intently & with their eyes glued towards his side, without batting an eyelid.


But perhaps the major key takeaway of this overall experience was, that while running up & down the office corridor firstly giving the Print command from my laptop & thereafter collecting the printouts from the various printers in the office; various questions springing up at the back of my mind were– is this what I’d signed up for, is this my true calling in life, do I see myself doing the same scampering around a few yrs down the line, does this constitute a part of the ‘job’ (or as they say, ‘what comes with the turf’), and is this a true utilization of my inherent talent which I possess?

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