A Girlfriend – Nah, No (Thank You), Not (Really)!!!

On the 16th January’11, I was just thinking: I don’t think I’d get myself a girlfriend & get into a serious relationship due to:

My Ego – I can’t stoop down from my high horse, and bear a tantrum throwin’ chic, or run after a gal like a poodle, or offer profuse apologies even when you know that you are not at all at fault.

Lack of Attachment with people: I’m somewhat detached from any sort of relationships – probably a distorted version of what the Bhagavad-Gita prescribes in the form of ‘Detached Attachment’, wherein Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that we’re just an immortal soul/aatma trapped in a human body in this life, and just as we wear new clothes & shed old ones, the aatma liberates itself from a body trap in one life/janam, and assumes a new one in the next life; thereby debunking the entire concept of having an enduring attachment with ‘relatives / loved ones’

Stubbornness: I can’t change myself for anyone/anything…Take me as I am, or leave it!

Time to be given: I somehow can’t fathom how people can squander away hours & hours calling/chatting with each other, having mindless banter, on a daily basis; putting everything else on the backburner.

Cost incurred: By virtue of coming from a lower middle class family orthodox family, which has just about enough to make ends meet, can’t probably afford to have a luxury of a girlfriend, going on dates, and splurging her with lavish gifts.

If I can be a bit cheeky, I’m a person with a bit of a Glad Eye, and one who likes different aspects of the personalities / bodies of different people of the better sex; so I ain’t quite sure if I’d be able to stay happy with that one person, forever…

Moreover, I just don’t subscribe to the herd mentality rationale for going into a relationship: Having a ‘Trophy’ girlfriend/wife to show off to friends & complete strangers, and budging to the peer pressure; or just to kill loneliness – I’m quite self-obsessed & really enjoy my own company!


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