Dire need to overhaul my office persona!

On the 14th January’11, after a bout of drinking (I’d like to think as being persuaded to drink, rather) multiple tequila shots & thereafter puking a little bit (in the office guest house’s washroom basin, I must hasten to add, though), & being the subject of a few jokes/jibes made at my expense, I returned late in the dead of the night, from an office team gathering, to my home, via the Delhi Metro, wherein I also saw a few sloshed men making a fool of themselves in the bogey (hope I never ever end up like ‘1 of them’),

I made a commitment to do the following, in the next few days, to change the way I’m perceived at my office, and begin my life on a fresh note:

  • I’d sit at the seat allotted to me (in a faraway corner), instead of sitting alongside cramped up with folks who can sometimes turn into some sorta jackasses.
  • I’d laugh aloud lesser no. of times, & less intensely; instead giving a polite smile.  Appear stoic.  Don’t give an impression to people that you laugh off insults hurled at you, just like that.
  • I’d address people with an informal ‘Tu’ instead of a courteous ‘Tum’/’Aap’, to return the favor.
  • I’d not allow people to steamroll over me, or my dignity/self-respect; and give it back when such a transgression takes place.
  • I’d try to become a complete teetotaler, and not even indulge in ‘Social Drinking’, since I’ve realized the hard way that my body constitution ain’t geared up to handle alcoholic stuff.


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