Earthquake + Evil Eye (3 Es)

On the 19th January’11, I was about to crash for the night, when I’d stayed up till after hours, to see India was on the verge of victory in a nail biting ODI Cricket match against South Africa..But after a few moments of resting my head on the pillow, suddenly my bed started shaking!  Real frightening stuff! :(…  For the initial few seconds, I was almost numb – not quite sure if it was a earthquake for real, or was I just hallucinating due to sleep deprivation… But once the tremors continued for more than just a few seconds, the reality of its occurrence hit me!  But I wasn’t quite panic-stricken enough to wake my parents & sister up sleeping in the other flat just across from my room, or to rush out of my bed towards the balcony or outside the house…I just rose up & sat up on my bed, once the tremors ceased & there weren’t any aftershocks; opened up my office laptop & signed into my Twitter account, to get real time tweets’ updates from fellow tweeple from India or elsewhere, to get a sense of what has really transpired (including things like the Richter scale intensity & the epicenter of the quake) & the subsequent repercussions (any damage to life or property).  I found out that it wasn’t a mild one – a nasty one measuring around 7.1 or so (just to put it in perspective, the  quake which had ravaged Haiti, with hundreds of thousands of deaths, a few months ago, was of a lesser intensity at 6.7), whose epicenter laid near Baluchistan in Pakistan.  Thankfully, it hadn’t caused much carnage; though people everywhere from Pakistan to India (across the National capital Region NCR to Rajasthan & elsewhere) were shaken & woken up from their stupor (except those like me who’d stayed up late anyway to watch the cricket encounter).  On the MS Communicator (the office IM client), I found a few office colleagues online, who stay in the NCR satellite towns of Gurgaon & Noida, to ask them if they also felt the tremors & they vouched for the same.

Now, for a freakish coincidence: A few hours ago, while waiting along with 2 other colleagues for the Delhi Metro elevator to cross over to the other side of the road, from the office towards a bar – to have drinks with our Boss, one of my colleagues, without any context said, that Delhi doesn’t get earthquakes, despite being in a highly sensitive zone; and that he used to wish for one at the time of examinations (I must confess that I dreamt quite a no. of times that I’d turn into a hero, upon rescuing fellow officemates / neighbors, from the debris of a deadly earthquake)…Lagta hain use nalaayak kee nazar lag gayee (think it was that idiot casting his evil eye)… 😦

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