Corporate life musings-3

Written on 6th Oct’10:

By not giving one’s boss the pleasure of seeing you lying prostate,

In corporate life, you definitely end up sealed your fate.

Despite slogging out one’s guts,

One still gets mere peanuts.

Don’t worry, if you are in your boss’s good books

You’ll progress even if you’re a leader of a pack of idiots/crooks

You dare not question your boss’s sense of judgment.

Or else, you’d be hung at the altar of ‘Compensation fitment’.

There’s no space for anything like ‘Constructive feedback’

In return, you’d have to face a helluva lot flak / you’d get a whip crack.

You can’t afford to be morally upright & upfront,

Else, you’d be a hapless victim of a witch-hunt.

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